The first in a few posts now detailing and studying some figures that I have been acquiring over the past couple of months.  These are from a games console/s and are Disney Infinity figures that cover a fair range…albeit mostly masculine subjects.

Quite a bit larger than my usual 1/72 scale so a lot more complex to light and work with the backgrounds but quite pleased with the results so far.  A lot of work has gone into adding colour and give the black backgrounds that I have favoured a bit too much lately a rest, no bad thing either, and putting online research into some good use!

Interested to see how these will print large or more likely scale up screen wise. As a figure, Mulan lit and photographed quite well albeit the lighting was tricky as I wanted to add some additional colour, this is based on the Disney animated movie after all.

More subjects to follow, hope you enjoy.







~ by cliftonstewart on July 3, 2017.

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