Deep Blue Sea

I have some shows coming up and wanted to test and re-do some setups on a slightly larger scale. I think these work quite well, the lighting was quite a challenge in a few cases but good to work this through and get the results that I was after.

~ by cliftonstewart on April 24, 2014.

3 Responses to “Deep Blue Sea”

  1. Great work! Just wanted to ask you something. Have you would about using a fish tank air stone to make smaller bubbles? It might help it look even more realistic. Let me know if that would help.

    • Hi, thank you for the comment and suggestion. actually had not heard of air stones! They look very useful and I will certainly see if they can be of use. The issue is that the items are held in place by the gel as they are either solid and would sink or hollow and would float in water without being fixed. This said I like your suggestion thanks!

      • Cool. If you take a little tap that restricts the airflow you could have a burst of bubbles hitting the object and then by cutting the airflow stop the bubbles coming from below. That way there wpulsnt be a source of bubbles coming from below.

        Anyway good luck and show me the results when you done it.

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