Star Wars Studies

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Had some spare time so I could do some practice set ups of a few new figures and vehicles, pleased with some but need to re-visit as well.

In and Around: Train Station Diorama

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A new visit to the train layout diorama and while not a lot of time some useful shots, it helps to be able to have a blackout in place!


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I have always liked Playmobil, more so than Lego. While Lego has come up for some comment and criticism recently over how male oriented and downright violent the playsets have become…Playmobil have always delivered in this respect! Knights, castles a goodly selection of hacking and stabbing weapons as well as the armour to defend, all before we even get to the wild west and gunplay etc….But they are for another time…





Thunderbirds Are Go!

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The relaunch of this 1960’s show has also of course seen a relaunch of the vehicles and playsets, interesting colours and shapes and mostly well moulded, the figures less well realised I felt but then not everyone gets up close and personal!

A new figure and vehicle too and I will no doubt capture these again in different set-ups but I wanted to try them while I had some time.

Disney Princesses part 2

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This is the second of these related posts of Disney Princesses. This selection are the complementing portraits from my earlier post there was something of a performance about each of them which I wanted to try to capture but I felt each still looked and remained distant….Aloof as though we are intruding in their world.



Disney Princesses part 1

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This is the first of a couple of posts, now finally completed. The lighting and photographing of these figures, both kind of cool and kind of a bit creepy was interesting and to  photograph them looking into camera took time but I liked the colours and the lighting set-ups.

This first posting are of the dresses and figure details.



Apollo 16 Lunar Lander

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The second aspect to the Dragon Apollo 16 1/72 scale diorama is the Lunar Lander. Pretty detailed and lit very well so I was pleased with the results.

There were a couple of astronauts and a lunar rover but alas this has the seats missing so was used fleetingly but I was pleased with the astronauts, one in particular and how the moon can look and feel a very lonely place.

As for adding stars, a tricky one, virtually none are visible in photos from the moon but felt adding a very few tiny ones was needed in a couple of instances.